Thursday, 17 May 2018

Design your own Countdown re-useable shopping bag

Countdown are getting rid of their single use shopping bags and are running a competition for children to design their own shopping bag. Get creative and you could win a prize for your class.
Check out the link below and if you want to enter see Mrs Taege or your teacher for a template.

Design your own Countdown re-useable shopping bag competition

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Year 4 Gardening Club

The Year 4 gardening club has been working with Mr MacDonald to make the gardens outside Room 3 and 4 look colourful. Great job guys!!!




Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Waste Wise Wednesdays

Waste Wise Wednesdays

This term we are starting Waste Wise Wednesdays again. On Wednesdays we would like the children to think about how they can be Waste Wise with what goes into their lunch box. We acknowledge that this involves you as parents and would greatly appreciate your support with this.
Each week we will have a theme and a prize of Plain Popcorn or 10 minutes of free play for the winning class.
If you wouldn’t like your child to have plain popcorn please let their classroom teacher know.

Themes for the term:
Week Two:  Tetra Pack free lunch box
Week Three: Glad wrap free lunch box
Week Four: Nude Food - Packaging free lunch box
Week Five: Chippie Packet free lunch box
Week Six: ‘Smart’ lunch box
Week Seven: Tetra Pack free lunch box
Week Eight: Glad Wrap free - Packaging free lunch box
Week Nine: Nude Food - Packaging free lunch box.
Week Ten: ‘Smart lunch box’

Remember to check out our Waste Wise Blog:
The theme’s will all be listed there as a reminder.

Thanks again for your support,

Waste Wise Team

WasteWise Wednesdays Term 2

WasteWise Wednesday - Classes

Wastewise Wednesdays Classes - 2018

Rm 1 - Molly, Samie
Rm 2 -
Rm 3 -
Rm 4 - Kyza, Reva
Rm 5 - Roha, Angel
Rm 21 - Rohan, Anish
Rm 6 - Eliza, Siya
Rm 7 - Taila-Rei, Layibah
Rm 8 - Advika, Riha
Rm 9 -  Ashley, Tanisha, Anoushka
Rm 10 - Dhruvi, Georgia, Caroline
Rm 11 - Nicole, Sheena
Rm 12 - Umama, Akshay
Rm 13 -  Krushi, Ella
Rm 14 - Jade, Jiya
Rm 15 - Sandhya, Brianna
Rm 16 - Moksha, Danyon
Rm 17 - Seung Joon, Ameena
Rm 18 - Meera, Naysha
Rm 19 - Jaiveer, Harshit

Rm 20 - Alessander, Siraj