Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A creative story by room 3s Tiainei

The journey of waste.

“Ahhh don’t eat me!” I cried. This was the most terrifying time of my 3rd life! Just as I was about to be eaten I jumped off the monster’s arm and into this dark building. “Um.. hello, hellooo” I said in fright, I had no idea where I was. I wasn’t supposed to be treated like this I was just a paper bag!!!

Suddenly I feel the ground shake. “W-what’s happening” I cried. I began to scream and shout, hoping that someone would hear me, but it was no use. The building roof began to raise, I was really mad at the department of rubbish. “ This is not supposed to happen to the roof!” I murmured angrily to myself. “It’s just like they’re trying to give us recyclable paper away”

That’s when I realised I was tied in an awful smelling cave, ok maybe a cave was a bit crazy but you get the idea! I tried to look for holes in this stinky cave. I don’t know why no one gets that all i want is to relax and hang out with my mates in the recycle bin. But some of these humans just don’t seem to understand.

I woke up again, dry warm and coughing dust. Birds flew high up above, searching for poor food scrapes also mistreated and abandoned. I could have been reused or recycled, I should have been living the life of royalty. But for now here I am stranded in an unknown wasteland desert that stinks. But the worst part is for me, for now really means forever!!!!!

By Tiainei Goundar

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