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Worm Farm Recounts - By Room 8

Worm farm

On Tuesday Mr Hewitt rolled two big boxes into the class. When he opened it I thought it was some sort of bin. He was putting the bin together, then I knew what it was. It was a brand new worm farm!

When we finished putting the worm farm together Mr Hewitt rolled it out of the class and Mrs Taege told us to line up outside. We walked to the shed with a trolley.  Inside the trolley there were two big bags of compost. Mr Hewitt placed some bricks and a container under the worm farm. Do you know what it was for? It was for the worm pee!

Mrs Taege needed sharp scissors to cut open the compost mix and she used her pink gloves. The first thing we did was to cut open the compost and put it in the container. It was time to open the box. In the box was 2,000 worms! Everyone leaned closer to look. Eww yuck! The worms were wriggling down the bottom because they don’t like the sunlight. We put the worms in the worm farm and fed them fruit scraps. The only thing that they don’t like is citrus such as oranges and mandarin. Mrs Taege laid some white toilet paper on top of the worms. Worms can eat their own weight!
We all had a look inside  at the 2000 little squiggly wiggly tiny worms  and we all went back to class. Mrs Taege said that we would have a bucket that we could put all our fruit scraps in.  We had one outside our class so that other students could put their fruit scraps in the bright green  bucket with a black handle.

I felt like a wiggly little worm when I was in the class. It felt nice being back in class after the last look in wiggly dark green worm farm. Everyone was wiggling in class like a tiny silly worm.

By Moon Hee - Rm 8

Making a worm farm
Today in the morning we made the worm farm with room 20. We were going to make one so instead of the food scraps and tissue paper going into the rubbish bin and going to the landfill we can feed it to the worms. We were going to put it near room 21.

First Mr Hewitt came to build our brand new worm farm. He built it as fast as Flash. Then we walked to room 21.¨Room 20 and 8 sit down please¨said Mrs Taege. So we all sat down and watched.

Mr Hewitt came and dumped two big bags of dusty compost into the big dark green worm farm. The bags were empty in no time! Mrs taege said that it was their bed in the worm farm. Then she asked room 20,”What do we need now?”
“The food and the the worms!”said all of the children in room 20.
Then Mrs Taege carefully put the wiggle worms into the brand new green worm farm. The worms will eat banana peels,pear skins,pear cores and apple cores. They can also eat tissue paper and paper towels. Mrs Taege explained that the tray was supposed to catch the worm wee but we called it worm tea. Then we finally got to move it and put it beside room 22 and the school garden .

I felt excited to make the worm farm again and I was bored because I already knew all the answers to Mrs Taege’s questions that she said.  

 By Frederick Sun - Room 8

                   Building a Worm Farm

Yesterday my class and Room 20 were building a worm farm in the gardens behind the rickety old hall. We were doing it because we wanted to get worm tea to use for our gardens as it is a good fertiliser for our gardens.

First we had a guest who was….. Mr Hewitt! He had come to kindly help us put the fancy green worm farm together so we could dump in our squiggly wiggly worms and our smelly stinky compost in. (of course!) He put together the worm farm just before the bell for hometime rang! We ran home with our parents telling and wondering what we were going to do the next day.

The next day we found out that we were were going with room 20 to make the worm farm. Sheena wheeled it in front of the rickety old hall where we were going to make are worm farm. When we arrived room 20 wasn’t there so we waited for about 1 minute and they arrived!

Room 20’s teacher told her class to sit on the concrete so Mrs Taege could start talking about all the information that room 20 needed to know about the worm farm. She confidently told them about what they eat, and need to liveIMG_0279.jpg Mr Hewitt came again to pour the stinky, smelly compost in fancy,green worm farm because the stinky compost was horribly heavy! He poured it in and took the empty compost bag back.

Next it was time to put the 2000 live squiggly, wiggly worms in the fancy green worm farm. As Mrs Taege held the live worms, all the room 20 children were eager to look because they had no idea how the squiggly wiggly worms would look. Mrs Taege showed them the box and nearly all of them said “Ewwwww!”
Now it was time to do the disgusting part: GO TO THE GIRLS TOILET AND GET TISSUE PAPER!!! (Sheena had to do it since she is a girl)  She got the tissues and Mrs Taege let room 20 do it since we had already done it the day before. They put the tissues in the  fancy green worm farm. Then they added some food scraps for the worms as the  worms were very very hungry!!! After we added some food Sheena got the watering can so we could make their bed (the soil) nice and soggy.

Finally we wheeled it in place. (in the gardens behind room 22| the rickety old hall) When we put it there, Mrs Taege told room 20 that they would have a bucket to keep their food scraps in.
I felt excited when we started the second worm farm because I was eager to see what room 20’s reaction would be when they saw the live worms. Have you ever made a worm farm before?

By Tvisha - Room 8


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  2. Ka pai Room 8! Yesterday I was in Room 10 and we went to visit the new worm farm. Before we went, we had a look at the Waste Wise blog and read your interesting recounts. Thank you for sharing them!