Sunday, 12 June 2016

Wastewise Links

Waste Wise-UP! Full of interesting websites, articles, videos and more!

*      Want to know more about recycling in Auckland? This Visy educational video overviews upcoming changes to household recycling and the Visy site.

*      Are your students Habitat Heroes? As part of Conservation Week, DOC is running the Habitat Heroes competition encouraging students to get out and explore the community and find ways to make a difference.

*      “One person’s trash is another women’s bikini”! This video outlines one women’s journey to the Maldives to re-purpose all the shocking amount of plastic litter in the ocean.

*      No more plastic bags! This article shows that it is possible to get rid of single use plastic bags.  Waiheke Countdown has rid itself of plastic bags to support the island in becoming plastic bag free.

*      Wondering what to do with all that food?  The Love Food Hate Waste campaign launched in Auckland on 31 May.  Check out the website to learn how to reduce your waste, save money and find delicious recipes!

*      Are you looking for zero waste alternatives? This website has a great list of alternatives that minimise packaging and waste.

Check out these Wastewise links for ideas on how to be Wastewise!!

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  1. I like these reminders/tips on how to reduce or recycle waste. We need to look after our environment !